On the slopes of the Provençal Baronnies, at the foot of the Mont Ventoux, the area of the Coteaux des Baronnies is a land rich in colour, which invites the visitor to discover a unique landscape. The pastel tones blend softly together in a very hilly setting. The yellow sun, the orange-coloured apricots, the deep purple tints of the lavender, with its bewitching scent, offer us a rich palette of shades which are reflected in the diversity of the wines, the fruit of an exceptional terroir. In the wild beauty of this panorama, greatness is everywhere: the greatness of the men, the greatness of a name, the greatness of a place, « Grandeur Nature » to sum up the indescribable.

You need to go to the heart of the Baronnies to understand, and take the risk of never wanting to leave.
The Baronnies are all of these things: the magic of a place nestling on the border with Provence, the relaxed rhythm of life and the joy of taking advantage of the present.


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